How important is your name?

I mean how important is it for you that people use your proper name when they write to you. Whether it´s in an email or a post in social media.

My name is Gerhard, named after my father. For many people it´s not an easy name to speak or write and many times I am addressed as Gerard or Gerrit. Even though people can clearly see how my name is written.

What does that say about people?

In my opinion they might be either dyslexic or perhaps fail to pay attention to details.There may be other reasons why they write my name wrong, maybe they hate German names.

I always write names correctly as for me it´s a sign of respect and attention to details. No matter how difficult a name is.

What people fail to grasp is the fact that it triggers emotions in the brain about working with people who fail to pay attention to those details. Also at times I don´t feel like they are talking to me when not writing my name correctly.

Imagine yourself, you are walking on the street and someone calls your name correctly. You will probably turn your head to see who is calling you. Now imagine if you hear someone call a name that is close to yours but not close enough. Would you turn your head?

What do you think? I would love to see your comments!